Thursday, September 17, 2009

Professional Photos

We got so lucky and found a wonderful photographer! Dave from Davyn Photography- he is the absolute best. He and his wife Robyn run the business out of their home and do the most amazing work. I will be a customer forever- especially considering how affordable the prices are! Here are some pics from the session we had done when Emmerson was about 1 month old.

Some photos

First photo-

First visit by Gunner

Pretty on the pink blanket

Just Chillin in the incubator

First night home-

Those looks explain a lot

Sleeping prince and princess

Be careful Gunner- hauling a precious load

Mommy's girl

Making progress in school- or so we thought

Well the rest of last week went better for Gunner. The time out break down was as follows: Tues-3, Wed-1, Thurs-1, Friday-0! Started week number 2 off with a sick boy on Monday who couldn't go to school, and then on Tuesday no time outs and a report from Mrs. Doyle about "the best boy ever" then Wedenesday he got a time out for hitting someone! What to do? We think we are making progress and wham- he hits someone?

Princess- is still a princess. She didn't care for green beans and HATES peas. I gave her a few spoonfuls last night and she literally made a gagging, hissing noise and spit them out. I tried a few more spoonfuls with the same result and then later tried slipping them in between bites of cereal. She ended up crying. I gave up on the peas.

We are taking a mini vacation this weekend- off to Binder Park Zoo, a hotel with a pool per Gunner's request and then the Air Zoo. We wanted to do a weekend to the UP, but with little time and trying to save up for a trip out east next month, we figured smaller scale was good.

Gunner helped me stain the deck. It is a small one we put on off the addition, that isn't finished. Since there is still housewrap and not siding yet, I let Gunner have a paint brush and go to town. He loved it! And as long as I followed behind to smooth his work out, it turned out great.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where to begin-

It's been so long since I updated anything on here... Let's see hmm.... highlights

I went back to work June 10th- spent most of the summer doing nothing at work
Emmerson almost killed me, I was so exhausted for awhile I was dizzy and lightheaded.
I pump so much milk we currently have 4 freezers full- and I am giving at least 4- 8oz bags a day to a family who's baby was born March 18th and the mom has Leukemia and is unable to nurse.
Gunner turned 5 on July 27th! We had a very busy weekend- Grandma and Grandpa Bruce came out on the 24th, we had a great cowboy birthday party on the 25th, Emmerson was baptized on the 26th and we had some more wonderful pictures taken on the 27th.

August brought several nights of Emmerson sleeping from 11pm till 6 am- and then as suddenly as they came - those nights disappeared. She turned 4 months old and had a checkup- which went well. She weighed in at 15.4 lbs and got more vaccinations. On the 19th of August Nana sat her in the highchair for the the first time and on the 23rd of August I let her try sucking on a fresh pear which she LOVED! At the end of the month I attempted to get Emmerson to sleep in her own bed in her own room... bad idea! She will nap there but flips out when she wakes up alone. Gunner also played Flag football. It was only a 3 week season with 2 games, but he loved it and is excited for next year.

Sept. 8th Gunner became my Kindergardner. And received 3 time outs his first day. Was Mommy proud. Day 2 - only one time out, so at least we are heading in the right direction.
Emmerson is still extremely high maintenance, but is at least consoleable most times. She has Nana right where she wants her.

I swear I am going to be better at updates...