Monday, March 23, 2009

31 weeks

Wow- it's been a bit since I updated this blog. 31 week today. Pretty cool stuff. So far everything with the baby is great. I have an ultrasound followed by a doctor appointment on Thursday. I am hoping we get another picture of the peanut. The peanut is still quite active but is running out of room, I don't really feel kicks so much as stretches these days. Depending on what side I lay on the baby pushes and prods that side like I was squashing it. I have hit the 10 pound mark. That is what I've gained and boy do I feel it. I guess all pregnant women feel really uncomfortable but this is my first go round for that kind of stuff.

What is really weird to contemplate is when we brought Gunner home from the NICU I should have been about 33 weeks pregnant. Weird thing to sit and think about, it is amazing how different everything has been this time around. Thankfully!

The weather gave us a teaser last week. I was really starting to get cabin fever on those 57 degree days and now that the wind is blowing and it feels like 20 degrees outside, staying in isn't quite as bad.

My mom keeps asking when I am going to get ready for the baby. I'm not really sure what I need to do. We have diapers, wipes, and a bassinet. Granted the bassinet bedding needs to be washed. I can't buy much until I know what the baby is. I have tons of soft, cuddly blue blankets and even several new neutral ones. The only thing we really need to get is a new car seat. I haven't decided whether to pick a neutral one or pick one for a boy and one for a girl and then once the baby is born have Gary go get it. I guess that is why so many find out ahead of time. I just think being surprised is awesome. Especially since so many people are itching to know. We haven't made any definate decisions on names. We are closer to a final name for a girl and are slowly coming up with some options for a boy. And we only have to pick first names since this babies middle name will be "Lucht" also regardless of gender.

And no matter what Gunner says- I am still pregnant, we don't know what it is and we haven't decided on a name. For the second time Gunner has told his preschool teacher that he has a brother. I think that is what he is hoping for. This time he told her his name was Conner Lucht Bruce and she believed Gunner since she knew Lucht was a family name and that made sense to her. What tripped up Gunners story is when she asked if he remembered how much his brother weighed. Gunner's response was "he was really big" - " he is so big he put his cowboy boots on and went outside to play with me." She knew the kid was full of it then. That is my boy. Gotta love him.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another week down

So here I am in the third trimester! Another first for this second time mom. I am pretty excited about making it this far. Gary is having a great time laughing at my belly. While I have only gained about 3 lbs, everything has been redistributed and the budda is starting to be quite noticeable. It is fun times all around. Especially trying to do things like shave my legs...

Had to be up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday to do my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. That is just not nice to do to a pregnant lady. I had to fast for 12 hours and then the test is 3 hours long (hence the name). It wasn't too bad except for that first hour after I drank the glucola- I really thought I was going to be sick for awhile. After the first hour I headed upstairs to Labor and Delivery since Stefani was working and crashed in a triage bed while she did the remaining blood draws. It is sometimes who you know. Laying down for the last two hours was great. And amazingly enough when your best bud is a nurse and wants the results of a lab back- you get to find out right away what the results are. I passed! Thank god for that one! Most likely the doctors office will call with the results next week too- I just smile and don't let on I already know.

All in all not much else is new. The weather is breaking a bit today. We are slowly getting settled in at the new house. My disability forms went through amazingly quick so now I just am waiting for the mail to bring me my money! That is one relief- I figured for sure I would have to fight that one. AFLAC has been quite good to me I must say. Gary is still working basically a second shift. Which he hates, but at least he is working. I stay up till he gets home and we watch a bit of TV together before we crash- so usually I am not in bed till 1 or 2 am, which is ok since I usually nap in the late afternoon. I hope this warm up is the start of spring and not just a teaser- Gunner is ready to be outside running around without all the snow clothes instead of cooped up inside or all bundled up.