Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Freaking Wednesday...

I hate being the one in the middle. My father is upset, not at me directly, but at Ferris. I brought his truck in to our service shop the end of May to have the kids up here work on it. Not only did it take 2 tries for them to fix the rear main seal, they didn't tighten the bolts on the transfer case correctly and as a result the driveshaft has come off and busted a hole in the transfer case. We (as in Ferris) are fixing the problem for him, but are having a hard time getting a transfer case here as fast as my father would like. Mind you this repair will cost him nothing but his time, which I do understand is valuable. It is totally the fault of the students and the half assed adjunct professor who didn't check over there work, so we should have to fix it. What kills me is I know how upset he is because each day he is without his truck he is losing money, and he doesn't have to tell me these facts, I understand them well enough on my own. What I wish he would comprehend is there is no way he would clear enough money in 2 weeks to pay for the repair himself so why sweat it? Why not just go with it and enjoy doing nothing with his grandkids? So here is to hoping that the damn transfer case is ready soon and we can get his truck out of here on Friday. This has been another life lesson- my parents vehicles will not be coming up here to be worked on ever again.

And on top of that, Gunner is sick again. He says his ears hurt and he is getting his ass kicked by his allergies. Guess we are calling the doctor today! I just wish we could go longer than 3 weeks without his asthma/allergies flaring up. I do realize it is a small price to pay considering what we potentially could have been dealing with at 27 weeks.. but it is still hard to hear him cough and gag for hours on end when he should be sleeping peacefully.

Friday, June 20, 2008

So, I have been waiting for something interesting to happen to write my first blog. I guess it is about time to give up on that one. Interesting to me may not be interesting to you and negatively interesting is what seems to be happening lately. The negative isn't much fun to write about so- we will skip it!

I am even going to go out on a limb, must be because I am 30 now and so much more mature, and posting a picture of Gunner and myself instead of just one of Gunner. You can look back through all of my thousands of photos and find only a small handful that have me in them. For one I hate how awful I have let myself look, and for two, dad's just don't think to take a picture of mommy and the child.

Nothing major happening lately, except July is slowly creeping up on us. In just 37 days my baby will be 4! I can't believe how time flies. I have to get crackin on some sort of a party plan. I would really like to have it somewhere besides our house but am not sure where. I think we are doing Backyardigans this year.. Gunner also wants a pinata. That should be interesting. We are hoping Grandma and Grandpa Bruce can come out to visit. "Papa's" truck is broke again, and back at Ferris. (Don't let the kids at Ferris work on anything important!) I hate being caught in the middle. While it won't cost him money to have this repaired, he is out time,which is valuable to him. The kids aren't here to fix there screw up but the technician is supposed to do it next week.

Today is Lilly's birthday. She is one. Who is Lilly you ask? She is the daughter of one of my best friends. I worked with her dad Corey at Bollinger's and he has become pretty important in my life. It seems like just yesterday I was waiting to hear the delivery stories from him. Lilly is also the first baby since Gunner was born that I have actually wanted to hold, hug and kiss often. I think she is what made me realize that I might just possibly have room in my heart to love someone besides Gunner. Here is a picture of miss Lilly from last fall. The eyes and cheeks are pretty much the same!

The only other change really is I finally broke down and sent my horse Euchere out to be broke. Since dad's truck is down, Tiffany who is breaking Euchere had to come and pick him up. It was a big disaster. Euchere is 5 and has never been loaded in a trailer. Well, I take that back, before his mom died he took the trailer ride to MSU when his mom colicked and we had her there for surgery, but he was only 6 weeks old. So Gunner and I stop every night and feed Euchere carrots and hopefully seeing us reassures him that he hasn't been forgotten or sold, and he will be coming home someday. I also am hoping one day he and Gunner will be superstars at the fairgrounds. I know it is a long shot, but I would love to see it.