Friday, January 30, 2009

Ending week 23

So here we are, almost at the end of week 23. Nothing too major happened. Doctor appt on Wednesday was totally routine, my BP and weight were great (didn't gain again!) and baby's heart rate was 146. I have an CL ultrasound on Feb 9th then another appt on Feb. 17th when they will do the glucose screening.

We are supposed to take Gunner sledding again tommorow. Should I say Gary is sledding I am watching? The temp is supposed to be ok, but chance of freezing drizzle- hopefully it isn't too bad out. Gunner is pretty excited about it, he and Gary both had fun last time.

Gunner seems to be feeling ok- which is a relief, the last cold he had took forever for him to get over. Saying a prayer for my brother in law today, he had to see the specialist to get more input on making a choice between fusion and amputation of his ankle. Its going to be rough no matter what choice he makes. Hopefully God leads him down the right path.

We are busy all the time and don't seem to get much done, not sure what it is we used to do before Gunner or how we will manage after the new baby is here. It is always crazy. The only good thing is that each day the flies by gets us one day closer to a healthy baby.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Week 22-

Last week Friday we had a bit of excitement- and not the good kind. I took a late lunch at work only to discover (warning TMI for most men) bleeding and a small clot in the bathroom of Walmart. Of course I freaked- called my doctor. They had me come in to be checked. Gary met me there since he knew I was pretty upset about it all. The doctor thinks that what happened is that the bottom stitch pulled through on one side. At least that is what it felt like to her- although she didn't put the stitch in. Luckily I have two stitches. There didn't appear to be any new bleeding and the cervix still felt quite long to her. Regardless she sent us to the hospital for an ultrasound to check cervix length. We killed some time since the appt was at 5:30- Gary was only too happy to not be at work since it was subzero temperatures and he was supposed to be out on the dock. This was the first ultrasound Gary has been able to see. Since it was to check cervical length it was internal and of course you don't really get to see the baby well. We did see hands and feet flying around like it was practicing karate. It amazed Gary at how much the baby was moving. Myself I have been feeling these movements quite well for a few weeks and it even amazed me. The good news was the tech told us the cervical length was 3.3 still and 3.0 under pressure (which is down from 3.2 under pressure on Monday) She wasn't able to tell us anymore and we had to wait in the waiting room for the doctor to be called and call us back. Eventually we were given the go ahead to go home. We stopped for a bite to eat and I went home to get Gunner who was at Nana's house and Gary went back to work (poor guy!)

I had taken Monday off anyways since there were no kids at Ferris so I called the doctor's office and got more in depth info. No funnelling and yes my cervix is closed. And "go back to work" I was kind of thinking maybe they would tell me to only work part time or something, but 3.3cm is a pretty normal cervical measurement even if I am only at that because of a nice sewing job by one awesome OB doctor. I hit the 22 week mark yesterday and can't believe how active this baby is. One more week till "viability" which will make me breathe a tiny bit easier, but not much. We don't want "viable", we want healthy. I told Gary as we waited in the waiting room Friday night all I want is "one of those". I said this as I motioned to the extremely pregnant lady across the room. He said" a tumor" and I said " no jerk- a great big pregnant belly that looks ready to burst" It isn't asking for too much is it?

Next scheduled Dr. Appt is Jan 28th. Hopefully we don't have to make any special trips between now and then.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

21 weeks

21 weeks down .... hopefully around 15 more to go if not more. I worked in the morning and then headed to Grand Rapids for another ultrasound and cervical length (CL) measurement. The baby looks adorable- we watched it yawn twice. Not little petite yawns, huge I'm exhausted yawns. It was really cute. Average sized head still and the peanut has gained 6 ounces since the last ultrasound. It nows weighs roughly 15 ounces. One more and it will be a whole pound!
The CL was a little disheartening. It was only 3.3. Which itself isn't terrible but three weeks ago it was 4.1. One thing I thought about later was the first ultrasound where I measured 4.1 the tech made me prop my butt on a wedge shaped pillow so my bottom was up in the air much higher than my head. This time I laid flat on on the table. So I am wondering how much of the change can be contributed to the positioning. Hopefully at least some of it. One positive was that my cervix was still closed and there was no funneling! Yeah! I checked with the doctor's office and asked whether I should be making any changes in my routine because of the CL change. Luckily that was a no. I just have to continue to follow the restrictions and take it easy but I can still go to work. They also mentioned that they won't worry till the CL measures under 2! That seems scary, but then again I do have 2 stiches holding things together.
The semester started yesterday- so all the wonderful students are back! Yes that was sarcasm. I did miss the activity, but as tired as I am- the thought of 16 weeks of these monsters makes me exhausted. (Notice the planning- they leave for the summer and I go on maternity leave! Now if my cervix cooperates with the plan...) I have lots of student workers scheduled this semester (what budget?) and hopefully it won't come down to needing them deperately since I am on bedrest and the replacement is clueless.
I am dreading later today and the rest of the week- the subzero temperatures and -19 windchills make me want to curl up in bed and stay there. Hopefully we don't get a crap load of snow on top of it all. I heard temps will be very cold for about 10 days. I can hear the propane meter smoking as I type. Fun times! I love winter! Stay warm-

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dr appt. update

Absolutely nothing new at the doctor appt. I have an ultrasound set up for Monday to check my cervical length and get better pictures of two things they couldn't see clearly on baby the last time. Blood pressure was a tad high but ok, Baby's heartrate was 153, and I am measuring 22wks (I'm only 20!) so if all goes well we could have a beefcake on our hands in May. I am still working and have another OB appt in 3 weeks. That appt will be right about the time that baby will actually be viable. Or for those of you out there that have had normal pregnancies- the baby would actually have a snowball's chance in hell if born then. (As opposed to anytime from now until then) The cut off is 23 weeks, if a baby is born before that there is nothing the doctors can do for it (legally) so that is our next "milestone" if you will. At 23 weeks with Gunner I was in the hospital having an emergency cerclage. I'm hoping this time the 23 week mark passes more uneventfully. I don't have big dreams these days, just seeing the third trimester isn't so much to ask now is it?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

20 Weeks

So yesterday was the official halfway mark of the pregnancy. It was pretty uneventful. Getting up and getting ready for the first time in over 2 weeks was rough on all of us. I had to take Gunner to Grand Rapids for an eye doctor appt- just a routine check up. He is farsighted which the doc believes will become nearsighted in the future and possibly may need glasses later on in school. But considering his eyes only got to develop 2/3 rds of the way before he was born- it was a great check up. And while he is farsighted, it is nothing abnormal for his age and attention span since he wouldn't finish the tests each time before giving silly answers. I headed into work for half the day and got caught up on all my internet surfing.

Gary is right in the slow season at his work so his schedule is screwy. Yesterday he went in at 1, today at 3, and of course he isn't happy about it. But considering all the unemployed people out there- at least he is working. So he is miserable right now.

We did a lot of nothing over the New Years holiday. Well I should say Gunner and I did nothing, Gary worked pretty hard getting the "farm" house closer to completion. He finished the drywall in what will be Gunner's room and got the insulation blown in the attic spaces.

Tommorow is my next doctor appt. Keep baby and I in your prayers. We are praying that the cervix measurement is still good and hasn't changed much if at all. I will update you more then.