Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time is flying by-

I keep telling myself I am going to catch up on my journal, my blog, the babybook, picture albums.. and I keep getting further and further behind. We just got back from a trip out East. We survived the car ride, barely. First stop was Folsom, PA where Aunt Linda lives, the next day we back tracked a bit and went to Myerstown, PA to see Gary's cousin Billy and his family. Back to Aunt Linda's for a day trip then on to Milford, DE to see Grandma and Grandpa Bruce. We had a great time and all too soon it was time to load up in the car and head home again. That was the longest car ride ever- 17 hours. Traveling with two kids isn't much fun in a Taurus.

Gearing up for Halloween now, Gunner wants to be a hunter, but can't take a weapon of any kind to school. I thought about finding a deer carcus for him to drag in with him, no really. I understand the zero tolerance policy, but come on, a toy bow and arrow on Halloween can't be allowed? Oh well. Guess I should have thought about that one sooner.

Gary is performing major surgery on the old plow truck. Agent Orange as she was so loving named is getting a new to her engine. Not something that impresses me, but I'm sure the snow will be deep and plentiful this winter so it has to be done. The new plow truck to be is not going to be used for that reason this year since it has a tweaked frame and the plow wouldn't even sit level. Good times all around.

We heard recently that Gary's oldest niece Sydney is headed for a "correctional" facility to be determined by the judge. That is a story in itself, but we won't go there. It is sad for the rest of the family but hopefully her mom gets the wake up call.

Emmerson is starting to go, she rolls over very well and scootches backwards. Yes backwards, she only has reverse. She plays well with her things and her hand eye coordination is great. She is starting to like vegetables and has had a few fruits. Today when her Nana gave her peaches after a few bites of green beans she burst into tears when Nana tried the green beans again. She then smacked her hands on the tray and hollered till she got more peaches. That is my girl, can't deny her attitude one bit.

Gunner had a double ear infection before we left for vacation. His allergies are giving him fits. We are doing breathing treatments pretty regularly to try and keep him on the upside of the season. No flu so far, knock on wood. He has an appointment on the 28th of this month to see the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to talk about tubes again since his from last year have fallen out.

And on a final note, we are down to one dog. Poor Kegger went to be with Jesus last Saturday. Gary and I knew we had to make the call and get it done, but it was hard. We didn't tell Gunner until right before Gary was ready to leave for the vet. We all said our goodbye's and Kegger had one last car ride with Gary to the vet. Gunner is sad, but on the flip side is happy for Kegger because he and Bear are together again and he just knows Kegger is running fast!

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