Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making progress in school- or so we thought

Well the rest of last week went better for Gunner. The time out break down was as follows: Tues-3, Wed-1, Thurs-1, Friday-0! Started week number 2 off with a sick boy on Monday who couldn't go to school, and then on Tuesday no time outs and a report from Mrs. Doyle about "the best boy ever" then Wedenesday he got a time out for hitting someone! What to do? We think we are making progress and wham- he hits someone?

Princess- is still a princess. She didn't care for green beans and HATES peas. I gave her a few spoonfuls last night and she literally made a gagging, hissing noise and spit them out. I tried a few more spoonfuls with the same result and then later tried slipping them in between bites of cereal. She ended up crying. I gave up on the peas.

We are taking a mini vacation this weekend- off to Binder Park Zoo, a hotel with a pool per Gunner's request and then the Air Zoo. We wanted to do a weekend to the UP, but with little time and trying to save up for a trip out east next month, we figured smaller scale was good.

Gunner helped me stain the deck. It is a small one we put on off the addition, that isn't finished. Since there is still housewrap and not siding yet, I let Gunner have a paint brush and go to town. He loved it! And as long as I followed behind to smooth his work out, it turned out great.

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